New 2 inch (50mm) Transair Pipe

2 inch Transair In Stock!

mdi is happy to announce that we are one of the first distributors to stock 2 inch (50mm) Transair Aluminum Pipe. This pipe offers the same efficient and reliable technology of current Transair Pipe, but in a new size for a variety of applications.

The new Transair® 50 mm diameter uses the most advanced aluminium technology to meet the dual needs of strength and flexibility:

Suitable for use with all compressed air applications: dry, lubricated or with water condensation. The maximum operating pressure is 16 bar from -20°C to +45°C, 13 bar at 60°C and 7 bar at 85°C.

Suitable for inert gas applications like nitrogen, argon or CO2 for the same pressure and with guarantee of the integrity of the gas for purity up to 99.99%.

Suitable for vacuum applications up to a vacuum level of 10 mbar.

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New SnapRing Fitting!

Parker has improved its technology on the 2 inch (50 mm) with the new SnapRing clamp:

One-piece clamp, can be placed using only one hand.

Easier to install, from the side of the pipe.

Best technical performances.

Assembly instructions To cut and prepare Transair® Aluminium Pipe:

When it is required to adjust the length, cut the pipe using a manual pipe cutter. Ensure that the pipe is cut at a right angle and deburr the pipe.
Use Transair® drilling jig to create the 2 holes at the extremity required for system assembly.
Assembling the 50 mm diameter: Using the new SnapRing, 50 mm connection

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