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Compressed Air Production

Compressed Air can be produced by two processes:

  • Dynamic compression (conversion of the air velocity into pressure): radial and axial compressors.
  • Displacement compression (reduction of the air volume): reciprocating compressors (piston type) and rotary compressors ( screw- , vane-, roots- or liquid ring compressors).

The Compressor

Diagram of a Compressor

The Air Receiver

The air receiver enables: storage of compressed air in order to meet heavy demands in excess of the capacity of the compressor. balancing of pulsations from the compressor. cooling of the compressed air and collection of residual condensate.

The Air Dryer

The air dryer reduces the water vapor content of compressed air. Moisture can cause equipment malfunction, product spoilage and corrosion. Two methods are used : absorption and refrigeration.


Filters restrict the passage of oil and water particles conveyed by compressed air within the system.

Condensate Drains

Drains eliminate condensate (condensate water mixed with other impurities generated by compressed air and sources of pollution).

The Separator

The separator receives condensate from the drains. It separates oil and water avoiding any polluting discharge.

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