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 - Transair Aluminum Pipe
Transair Aluminum Pipe is suitable for compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen, argon (consult your mdi rep for other fluids). Its Max working pressure is 188 psi from -4°F to +140°F & 232 psi from -4°F to +115°F.
Flexible Hose - Transair Aluminum Pipe
Transair Flexible Hose is great for Compressor Outlets (absorption of vibration), Expansion Loops, and To bypass obstacles and join different levels.
Elbows - Transair Aluminum Pipe
Available in 90° Elbows and 45° Elbows (in most sizes). Threaded ends are also available.
Connectors - Transair Aluminum Pipe
Transair Connectors connect Transair pipe to NPT (National Pipe Thread).
Couplings - Transair Aluminum Pipe
For quick and repetitive connection and disconnection, choose Transair Couplings. ISO 4414 and European EN 983 compliant.
Unions - Transair Aluminum Pipe
The range of Transair Pipe-to-Pipe and stud connectors provides versatility of design and helps to overcome constraints often encountered with the structure of industrial buildings.
Accessories - Transair Aluminum Pipe
Stainless steel flanges, along with the gaskets and bolt kits required, to fit your new Transair piping sytem.
Fixture Accessories - Transair Aluminum Pipe
A variety of mounting clips to support your pipes, spacers to help with differing pipe sizes used in succession, adapters to handle vertical obstacles, and mounts to hand horizontal obstacles.
Adapters - Transair Aluminum Pipe
Adapters for making seamless connections between Transair pipe and just about anything with female NPT threading. Circumferences range from ½” to 3”.
Reducers - Transair Aluminum Pipe
Plug-in Reducers for Standard Pipe Sizes
Tees - Transair Aluminum Pipe
Equal Tees, Reducing Tees, and thread Tees available in most sizes.
Quick Assembly Brackets - Transair Aluminum Pipe
Transair Quick Assembly Brackets are designed to transport air from your pipe to your equipment with the option to prevent condensate from getting through.
Wall Mount Brackets - Transair Aluminum Pipe
For attaching a pipe to the wall and connecting to 1, 2, or 3 other pipes/outlets at a 45 or 90 degree angle. The 2 and 3 outlet options also offer the choice of a ball valve.
Manifolds - Transair Aluminum Pipe
Allows for either 4 or 6 outlets with ½” circumferences. Both styles offer the option between 25 or 40 mm diameter connectors on the ends.
Valves - Transair Aluminum Pipe
Easily turn the flow through the piping system on or off.
End Caps - Transair Aluminum Pipe
Fitted endings for the pipes. Also has the option for a pressure valve.
Tools - Transair Aluminum Pipe
Transair Tools include everything you need to assemble your piping system from marking spacers

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